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We build a future out of wood

MHM MassivHolzMauer - The sustainable alternative to brick and concrete on Mallorca
Any type of building can be realized - as a conversion house or turnkey from 6 months - no heating and air conditioning necessary

Built over 7000 times in Europe - now also on Mallorca

The MHM solid wood wall - the sustainable construction system that

in Mallorca without heating, ventilation and air conditioning

MHM solid wood wall
All advantages   at a glance:
From tree to house -
The MHM solid wood wall construction system
  • short production and construction time,  extension house 2 months,   turnkey from 6 months  (each from basement or floor slab)

  • Excellent energy efficiency - no heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology required

  • massive fire and sound insulation

  • Free floor plan and facade design

  • healthy indoor climate through natural heat, cold and moisture regulation 

  • ecological and CO2 neutral house construction with a positive energy balance

  • no construction chemicals, glue-free - purely biological

  • 100% recyclable

And what type of house are you?
Full flexibility in floor plan, design and facade design
Casa Moda_04_escorzo (1).jpg

Clear lines and shapes, lots of glass and modern facade design


Classic Mediterranean with a touch of extravagance? 


Or rather rustic Mediterranean with a lot of Campo feeling and individuality

Finca Bungalow.jpg


Genova Villa.jpg


MGH Mallorca Neubau.jpg

apartment building

MHM solid wood wall - German engineering and craftsmanship meets Mallorca....
Houses, villas and apartment buildings rethought and built future-proof from solid wood

The MHM system was originally developed with precisely these building types in mind. Thousands of detached and multi-family houses in a wide variety of styles have already been realized by regional manufacturing plants throughout Europe.

It's no wonder that private builders are enthusiastic about the MHM construction method: the solid wall construction is simple, safe and extremely durable. The wall construction acts as a CO2 store, is sustainable in terms of the environment and resources, healthy living and highly thermally insulating. Our builders value the accuracy, flexibility and freedom of design of the MHM system in the planning and construction phase, as well as the special, pleasant living atmosphere in their own homes made of natural solid wood. All this clearly speaks for this form of building.

MHM - A strong partner network

MHM solid house wall worldwide

Since its market launch in 1996, the MHM solid wood miracle has been inspiring the timber construction industry. With constant further development of the Hundegger production machines and reliable partners, the MHM solid wood wall is conquering Europe


founding year


built projects





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Better knowledge than belief

What about your beliefs about solid wood as a building material? Why don't you need heating and air conditioning with the MHM building system? What does "phase shift" mean?  Why is the living room climate so special in an MHM house?


We answer these and other questions in our video information library. Have a look!

Im Wald
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"Anyone who has experienced the living space climate in a TresM solid wood house will not want anything else"

Christian Walk, Majorca

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