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The idea becomes reality. Very quick and easy

We develop your individual dream home into a climate-neutral living space

From planning to installation - from a single source!

The construction process for an MHM building is planned integrally. The structure and building technology are precisely coordinated with each other on an interdisciplinary basis, especially at the interfaces. This ensures compatibility as well as a quick and smooth construction process. Depending on the size of the building, starting with the planning of the building and the timber construction work planning through production and prefabrication to delivery and assembly on Mallorca

From dream house to dream house -
fully ecological and climate-neutral into your own house in paradise

Do you have unusual ideas for your floor plan? Here the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® is flexible; every floor plan is feasible, there are no grid constraints. Further advantages are the freedom to choose the wall geometry, the individual facade design and the insulation standard. 

Casa Moda_04_escorzo (1).jpg

The planning process - the idea becomes a project

Do you already have an idea of what your dream house in Mallorca should look like? With our partner architects we create your house project in 3D. From the exterior and interior design to the interior, we can first transfer your construction project from the idea to a virtual world, plan it in detail and thus guarantee enormous cost security.

Do you already have an architect or a finished design? We are happy to work with the architect you trust.




Once the criteria required for obtaining a construction license have been defined as part of the design planning, our partner architects create the approval plan and submit it to the responsible Ajuntamento for our customers. These criteria would be above all location, size, height, volume, as well as external or facade view.

Depending on the region of Mallorca, the approval time for obtaining the Projecto Basicos is between 6 - 18 months on average

Do you have questions about the approval process?

Blue Print


In contrast to the German approval process, the submission of the implementation plan (work planning) to the responsible Ajuntamento after the Projecto Basicos (basic building license) has been granted is part of the approval process.

The work planning is created in 3D and provided with the detailed planning for building services and electrical planning.   The work planning also serves as a perfect template for the work preparation of the production process of the solid wood wall wall elements.

Timber construction production planning

After the implementation planning, which contains all planning information, follows a timber construction or production planning based on it.  In this case, exterior and interior components are defined with superstructures - such as insulating material. In addition, the entire building is divided into individual, transportable wall elements (“elemented”). The window openings are also planned, and corresponding openings, millings and bores are provided for the later building services and component connections in the walls and precisely worked out by a CNC portal processing center. The production time for all MHM wall elements is only around one week for an average single-family house with 200-300 square meters of living space


The MHM wall production

Exact cost-efficient CNC based manufacturing 


1. The grooving and folding machine

The production process of the MHM production line - from the board to the millimetre-precise, ready-to-install element - is divided into three steps:

  • Grooving and folding machine - grooving and surface shaping of the boards

  • Wandmaster - production of raw wall elements

  • Portal machining center PBA  - Finishing of the wall elements

In the first step, the dried softwood boards are grooved and levelled. Later, in the finished wall, these oblong indentations create layers of air between the layers. This means that a significantly better insulation value can be achieved than that of pure solid wood.

Step 2 - The Wandmaster

In the second step, the grooved boards are then laid crosswise in the so-called "Wallmaster", layer by layer, connected to form raw wall panels of the desired thickness. The system can automatically recognize varying board widths and position them exactly so that nailing with aluminum grooved pins is always possible take place at the board crossings and optimal static properties are guaranteed.In order to prevent the formation of undesirable thermal bridges from the inside to the outside, the nailing only ever penetrates two boards.The loose aluminum nails are fed into the machine individually via a specially developed system, so that no collated nails are needed, which would create a lot of waste.

MHM Innenwand Kopie.jpg

Step 3 -  portal processing system

In the last process step, the finished raw wall panels are CNC-controlled and processed with the utmost precision into ready-to-install wall elements in accordance with the timber construction and production planning. This is done by the portal processing center (PBA) with its various units and processing axes, which means that any type of processing on the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® element is possible.

At the beginning, the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® panels are planed or levelled. This creates a smooth wall surface. At the same time, the wall thickness is precisely worked out.
A 5-axis circular saw then formats the walls to the exact wall length and height. The tolerances here are no more than +/- 1 mm. Window and door openings are cut out with a chain saw and various milling units, and the ducts for sanitary and electrical lines are milled. This is done easily, quickly and precisely - nothing stands in the way of implementing the architectural requirements. 

The portal processing systems are equipped with the latest software. This ensures optimal use of the raw wall panels through so-called "nesting". This is the process of dividing flat MHM wall panels into smaller elements with as little waste as possible. Precise production times can also be planned.

The specially developed aluminum groove pins have a strength similar to that of wood. As a result, the cutting tools do not wear out due to the aluminum grooved pins.

transportation and assembly

The wall elements are transported from the factory to the corresponding construction site in Mallorca and, depending on the size, are installed by our 3M Baleares specialists within a week.  

The necessary earthwork and civil engineering work is planned by our partner architects and carried out with local earthworkers and civil engineers.

WishMallorca is happy to make you offers for individual development packages for the turnkey completion of your dream home.

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