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Building and living on Mallorca

The intelligent construction of the future is solid wood  - resource-friendly, climate-neutral, sustainable

The solid wood wall 
Innovative, economical, ecological 

With the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® there is an innovative building product for the development of the solid wood market for medium-sized timber construction companies and the wood processing industry. It is produced regionally in around 30 independent European manufacturing plants on special MHM production lines designed by Hans Hundegger AG.

With over 7000 houses built in Europe, MHM is one of the fastest growing timber construction brands in Europe!

The MHM wall structure

The Massiv-Holz-Mauer® forms the basis for individual and safe solid wood structures. This building material offers a high-quality and simple alternative, both to conventional wet construction with stone and concrete and to conventional lightweight wood construction. The wall construction is plain and simple and is adapted to the planning ideas - not the other way around.

Overall, we only differentiate between the outer and inner wall and the desired wall thicknesses. Always without conventional insulation made of pure solid wood.

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MHM Innenwand Kopie.jpg

Construction of the MHM base wall

The Massiv-Holz-Mauer® wall elements consist of crossed and layered, flat softwood boards, which are permanently connected to each other using special nailing. This nailing technique, which has been tried and tested for centuries, enables extremely fast, rational and efficient production.

Depending on whether they are used as interior or exterior walls, the wall elements differ in terms of wall thickness (number of board layers) and planking or insulation. The outer wall forms the thermal envelope. A surface shaping of the raw boards in the form of small grooves (profiles) creates an air cushion in the finished wall, which improves the insulating value by approx. 20% compared to normal solid wood. As a result, the MHM wall is much more efficient than conventional solid wood in terms of compensating for summer heat and winter cold.


Thanks to optimal technical drying, the raw boards are extremely dimensionally stable and resistant to vermin. The so-called "working" of the boards is also reduced to a minimum by the drying of the boards and the wall construction in layers.

The MHM outer wall

The structure of an exterior wall consists of three zones:

  • Massiv-Holz-Mauer® (basic wall)

  • interior paneling

  • outer facade

The basic wall thickness for external walls can be selected between 20 and 25 centimeters (9-11 board layers). Thicker walls with up to 15 layers are also possible.

Die » Interior planking  (e.g. visible wood, dry construction materials, clay, clay or lime plaster systems) is located directly on the Massiv-Holz-Mauer®. This is the only way for the inner planking and the wood behind it to be able to with its natural sorption capacity 

(moisture buffer) and the very advantageous thermal properties optimally influence the room climate. It is also possible to install wall heating.

The building services, such as B. the electrical installation, is laid in individually prefabricated recesses (slots, holes) in the wall elements between the interior paneling and the MHM wall.

MHM Wand mit Sichtholz Kopie.jpg
MHM Innenwand Kopie.jpg

The MHM inner wall

The structure of an interior wall consists of three zones:

  • interior paneling

  • Massiv-Holz-Mauer®

  • interior paneling

The base wall for MHM interior walls can be selected between 10 and 20 centimeters (5-7 board layers). It has inner paneling on both sides, which forms the finished wall surface. The interior paneling can be designed according to the client's preferred style (e.g. visible wood, dry construction materials, clay, clay or lime plaster systems). This layer is usually located directly on the MHM wall without an installation level. In this way, the interior planking on the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® and the wood behind it with its natural absorbent properties can serve as a moisture buffer and, with its positive thermal properties, have an optimal influence on the room climate.

The outer facade

As the client, you can design the outer facade according to your wishes and in your preferred style - rural, traditional or simple and architecturally modern.


A plaster facade is applied directly to the wood fiber boards as a fabric filling. Alternatively, a very natural-looking natural diffusion-open facade cladding can be attached to a substructure.

Do you have questions about facade design?

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Solid wood ceiling and roof

If you want to erect a building entirely of solid wood, you can use profiled wood elements (PHE) for the roof and ceiling constructions. They have the same positive material properties as the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® elements and influence living, living and working in the building in a similarly pleasant way.

Ceiling elements made of solid wood offer good airborne and footfall sound insulation if they are matched to the MHM wall. As a roof element, PHE has similarly good thermal properties as MHM.

The use of roof and ceiling elements made of solid wood also offers the possibility of designing these components in visible quality. This means that the ceiling is already in a finished, noble condition after installation, without any further work. The visually appealing exposed wood surface not only has architectural advantages, but can also improve the room acoustics through special profiling.

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